5 Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry is The Future

Following its approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Laser Dentistry has, over the years, become a popular technique for improving tooth and gum health, functionality and appearance. Lasers can be highly effective for performing common dental treatments, and it is safe for use. With more and more dental practices adopting the use of Laser Dentistry, it is easy to see the reason – the benefits are noteworthy.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Some of the benefits of using lasers for dental procedures include:

It reduces bleeding and infection

When used for dental procedures, the laser’s high-energy beam causes blood coagulation to reduce blood loss. A condition like gum disease can cause gum bleeding and bone loss, which means it is crucial to eliminate bacterial presence from the teeth and gum pockets. Lasers will not only remove and kill the bacteria but reduce gum bleeding and swelling. Concurrently, since the laser beam sterilizes the affected area during the procedure, there is a lower risk of bacterial infection or complications.

Optimizable for patients

Depending on the type of dental treatment, the dentist can adjust the laser beam’s wavelength and power level to fit. This provides maximum control over the procedure and allows them to complete a dental treatment that serves the patient’s needs, especially over the long term.

Short healing time and quicker recovery

Laser dentistry operates with incredible precision, resulting in minimal trauma to the tooth, gum and surrounding tissues of the oral cavity. Lasers target only the affected tissues. With traditional methods, dental professionals often use handheld tools to complete the process. Unfortunately, the tools can damage surrounding tissues and prolong recovery times.

With laser dentistry, the dentist can reshape or remove soft or hard tissues. This translates to a reduced healing time compared to traditional techniques used for dental procedures. The entire process is almost pain-free with quicker recovery times.

Minimally invasive process

Dental lasers are built to function without pressure, heat or continuous vibration, allowing dentists to perform dental procedures without little or no need for anesthesia. Lasers are minimally invasive and remove the need for dental drills. This means patients will feel lower pressure, ultimately reducing pain and discomfort during the procedure. Minimal discomfort means patients experience less anxiety and can relax during the procedure.

Protects the teeth from trauma

Due to the precise nature of laser treatments, the technology can preserve healthy areas of the teeth during cavity removal. For those with bacterial infections, preserving healthy teeth helps to ensure a better recovery. Unlike handheld, high-speed drills, there is a lower risk of causing hairline cracks on the teeth surface during procedures. This reduces the need for dental restoration due to issues resulting from minor fractures.

In summary

Laser dentistry offers better results with reduced treatment duration. Patients will feel less discomfort during the procedure and will usually not require more invasive treatments. The dentist may provide this option along with conventional techniques or independent treatment. To learn more, book an appointment with us today.

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