Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

When a toddler loses a tooth, we celebrate the big event with a visit from the tooth fairy. Adult tooth loss, of course, is not a reason for celebration and can affect your oral health and quality of life in ways you can’t imagine.

If you lose a front tooth, though, your big concern is probably aesthetics, which can motivate you to replace the tooth with a treatment like dental implants. 

Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

The truth is that the problem with the open space in your smile is greater than aesthetics alone. Tooth replacement is also necessary to restore lost function and protect the health of your remaining teeth.

So, before you decide to live with that open space in your smile, here are three reasons why your dentist strongly recommends replacing the tooth:

  1. Protect remaining teeth – Each of your teeth has a job to do and are designed to work smoothly together when you chew. So, losing the function of even one tooth puts unusual stress on remaining teeth that were never meant to handle the extra load. Not replacing a missing tooth can lead to an unbalanced dental bite, which in turn causes premature dental wear, jaw pain, and even TMJ disorders.
  2. Maintain a healthy jawbone – The roots of your teeth help stimulate regeneration of healthy bone in your jaw. However, if a tooth and its root are lost, the bone starts to deteriorate and can ultimately lead to loss of neighboring teeth.
  3. Restore lost function – Just one lost tooth can cause you to miss out on nutritious foods like vegetables because it hurts too much to chew.
  4. You deserve a great smile and the freedom to live your best life without missing teeth holding you back!


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Many general dentists only offer implant restoration, and refer patients to an oral surgeon for the implant placement. Dr. Parikh not only restores implants, but places them as well. This puts him in a unique position to see the big picture of a patient’s total implant experience. He can truly begin with the end in mind, customizing the whole treatment and patient experience.

Dr. Parikh has treated more than 200 implant patients over the past ten years, and is a graduate of the esteemed Boston Institute of Implant Dentistry and Bone Augmentation and the Sacramento Implant Continuum. He is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and has taken more than 400 hours of continuing education courses in implant dentistry.

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